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Jason Kelce recalls meeting wife Kylie at Buffalo Billiards in Philadelphia Eagles retirement speech

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce announces NFL retirement after 13 seasons
Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce announces NFL retirement after 13 seasons 41:55

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In his emotional retirement speech Monday, Jason Kelce thanked many throughout his 13 years with the Philadelphia Eagles and recalled the night in 2014 that changed his life forever: meeting his future wife Kylie at Buffalo Billiards after the Birds' Christmas party.

"I still remember the moment she walked through the door," Kelce said. "The first instance burned in my retina. It was like she glided through the opening, an aura around her and then she started talking, and I thought, man, 'Is this what love feels like?' She was beautiful and smart and serious and yet playful."

Eagles Kelce Retires Football
Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce's family, from left, Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce, mother, Donna Kelce, father, Ed Kelce, and wife, Kylie McDevitt Kelce, listens as Jason Kelce announces his retirement at an NFL football press conference in Philadelphia, Monday, March 4, 2024. Matt Rourke / AP

Kelce first met Kylie at Buffalo Billiards, a bar in the city's Old City neighborhood. He went to the bar with his teammates following the Birds' Christmas party in 2014. 

Fast forward 10 years, Jason and Kylie Kelce are married and have three daughters.

Kelce, a seven-time Pro Bowler and six-time All-Pro, said it's no coincidence he had the most success in his career with Kylie Kelce by his side. 

"Every accolade I have ever received has come with her in my life," he said. "She's brought the best through me with love, support, honesty, intelligence and of course a swift kick in the [expletive] from time to time. She has also given me three beautiful girls and a life that has given me more fulfillment off the field than it does on. We've had a great run, Ky."

Of course, Kelce didn't tell the full story in his retirement speech. 

On an episode of the "New Heights" podcast with his brother, Travis, Kylie and the Kelce brothers spoke about the night at Buffalo Billards in 2014, which ended in former Eagles teammate Beau Allen carrying Jason to his apartment. 

Philadelphia Eagles play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese recaps Jason Kelce's career 07:40

"You fell asleep 45 minutes after I got there on the bar table because he was too drunk," Kylie said on a "New Heights" episode last year. "And then Beau Allen accomplished the most impressive physical feat of his life when he fireman-carried Jason back to his apartment."

Regardless of how the first date went, it worked out for Kylie and Jason Kelce. 

In a post on Instagram on Monday, Buffalo Billiards acknowledged Jason Kelce's comments about the first time meeting Kylie that night in 2014. 

"The feeling is mutual," the bar wrote. "Always a class act and a great person. You're always welcome in our doors. Thanks to you (and @kykelce) for everything. Enjoy your retirement, @jason.kelce."

During the press conference, Kelce also went through the highs and lows of his career – from getting drafted, the franchise's first Super Bowl win in the 2017 season and the recent collapse in the 2023 season.   

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