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Brotherly Love: Seniors Embrace Artistic Talents To Create Memorial

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- An occupational therapist is bringing her artistic talents to some Philadelphia senior citizens, and they are giving their own artistic talents right back.

In two languages, English and Spanish, Sara Brown Del Pozo is guiding adult elders in an art project at Mercy LIFE Adult Day Center on Hancock Street in Philadelphia.

Sara is an occupational therapist who is also an artist in her free time. She helped create a landscape scene as a tribute to the friends and family of center participants who have passed on. It's a sort of memorial, since they cannot light candles here.

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"And it's going to hang in the hallway with a basket that has butterflies that match the mural," Del Pozo explained. "When people come, they have a space where people can remember their friends or people who have passed, and they can hang a butterfly if they say a prayer."

This is the second mural she helped the center create. The first one hangs in a hallway.

"The participants and staff designed it," she said. "Our first mural was about life and things people enjoy in life, and this one is more focused on the cultural, spiritual experience in aging in place. It's great. A lot of participants get really excited when they are able to see something that they were able to create with me."

She told one woman, "I want you to remember you did that lovely yellow stripe."

And of course, to remember the people it's dedicated to.

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