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Cosby Trial Cost Montgomery County Over $219,000

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- The Bill Cosby trial cost Montgomery County over $200,000.

The cost of Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial totals $219,100, according to figures released by the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

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Selecting, housing and feeding the jurors picked in Allegheny County and sequestering them cost $74,000.

The overtime cost for sheriff's and detectives was tabulated at $129,000.

Another $16,000 paid for audio and video for an overflowed courtroom.

A statement from the Board of Commissioners says it budgets for overtime and trials, but how this will affect this year's budget is still up in the air.

"The difficult work and extra attention the case of the Commonwealth vs. William Cosby required was met with planning, preparation, and problem solving from Montgomery County employees across a number of departments," said chairwoman Val Arkoosh. "I want to extend my deepest gratitude for the hard work and professionalism that our county employees showed throughout the trial."

Cosby is scheduled to be retried on the sexual assault charges in November.

Here is the full breakdown of the cost:

Juror Expenses of $74,000

·         Jury selection:  $6,700

·         Transportation:  $7,300

·         Accommodations:  $46,000

·         Meals:  $14,000

Personnel Expenses of $129,000

·         Sheriff's Office overtime pay:  $98,600

·         Detective overtime pay:  $14,400

·         Court staff overtime pay:  $14,100

·         Security overtime pay: $1,900

Court Expenses of $16,100

·         Audio/Video to overflow court room:  $16,100

KYW Newsradio's Mike DeNardo and CBS3's Joe Holden contributed to the report.

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