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Best Non-Beef Burgers In Philadelphia

By Christina Dagnelli

The burger is a beloved sandwich with an unclear origin. Beef is a common type of burger but  doesn't make a burger a burger technically. If you  want something different and you still want to enjoy the juiciness of a burger there are other choices. Some popular other types of burgers that people love include, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, or even vegan. Here are the 5 top places for non-beef burgers in the Philly.

Sketch Burger
413 East Girad Ave.
Philadelphia, 19125

If you are looking to find the best in burgers, you need to go to a place that specializes in burgers. Sketch Burger is a small place but it's big on taste. They have lots of burger options but if you're looking for something that is not beef, their Turkey burgers are described as "Out of this world". The name Sketch Burger is also exemplified with the crayon "sketches" that is provided by customers decorating the restaurant.

237 St. James Place
Base of Society Hill Towers
Philadelphia, PA. 19103
(215) 625-8800

Zahav is nearly famous for its true authentic Israeli cuisine. If you are looking for a burger that is going to be delicious, unique or even vegetarian this can be one of your stops. They have a large vegetarian menu. Zahav rotates their menu with the season and typically serves up a fantastic Lamb burger here. They also serve a Duck burger appetizer which is one of the most unique burger options in the city. Many consider Zahav one of the best restaurants in Philly.

Frankford Hall
1210 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA.  19125
(267) 634-3338

Frankford hall is a fun place and a top eatery in Philly. They offer up a decent Veggie Burger with tomato jam that you can even order as a double in their open air, fun location. This is often a place to go when you have a large group or want to make new friends with all the assorted games available. Frankford Hall primarily serves Pub styled, German food and a wide variety of beer options, especially locally produced microbrews.  Some fun sides to go with your burger might be Bavarian pretzels, cheese dip, and curry ketchup. The outside picnic tabled courtyard has fire pits for chilly nights. Frankford Hall is open at Noon on the weekend, and at 4 pm during the week.

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ZuZus Kitchen
1500 Ridge Ave.
Philadelphia, PA. 19130

ZuZus Kitchen is a beloved eatery in the Fairmount section of Philly. For Non-beef burgers you have two strong choices here. Many say it's where you will find the best Lamb burger in the city.  They also serve up a juicy avocado chicken burger. No matter what you get, it's described as "insanely good and divine". ZuZus has that small business feel. And besides burgers people especially love their pizza, service and décor. You won't pay too much money for your burger here; it's more on the inexpensive side.

Hip City Veg
127 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 278-7605

Hip City is a great option for the Vegan in your group. And for those who want to know exactly what they are eating. Here they serve all pure vegan ingredients, compostable foods, with the idea that food should be simple. So no phony ingredients so you don't have to worry. The Ziggy Burger is a top choice that is even mentioned in Zagat Magazine. Plus they do a popular portabella burger two different ways; the Buffalo or the Bella Bistro whuch has sprouts, onions and sauce. The sweet potato fries are also popular accompaniment. Hip City Veg has two other locations in the city as well. (One on Broad and the other near University of Penn).

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