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Helping Your Child And You Cope With Back-to-School Anxiety

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--From classic back to school commercials to the latest viral videos, parents are often portrayed as ecstatic when it comes to back to school. But, we found reaction was split.

"I'm really excited and happy about it," said Kristin Reifsnyder of Philadelphia.

Maria Leplon of New York added, "I felt the opposite way. I was sad when the time came."

"It's been a long summer," said Philly resident Matt Read.

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From mourning the loss of your little ones to celebrating your newfound freedom, we wondered "What does it say about us as parents?"

Ryan McMillian, a family therapist at the Council for Relationships, says parents on both sides simply want what's best for their child and may experience internal judgment, one way or the other.

"When a parent is happy and relieved, they might have guilt. For the parent who is holding on, they might wonder why they're holding on so tight."

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Regardless of how you feel, McMillian recommends introducing routines one week before school begins. If you're experiencing anxiety or loss, plan a transitional activity at the end of summer and once school starts, practice gratitude and positive reinforcement in your family.

"The more we focus on the positive side of what the child is doing and look at the positivity we bring to that relationship, it ultimately helps us being the parent we want to be," said McMillian.


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