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Author: Founding Fathers Would Support Trump

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Author Brion McClanahan discussed his new book 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America and voiced his support Donald Trump, saying he is the type of candidate the Founding Fathers had in mind when they crafted the Constitution.

McClanahan, while talking with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Trump's wealth and demeanor make him the ideal candidate.


"Trump, I think, is that kind of independent man that the Founders envisioned. We can talk policy and what Trump would do, but I think one thing that's refreshing about Trump is that he really doesn't take a stand on too many policies other than immigration. How many times has he come out and said, I have this plan or I have this plan or I have this plan? The President was not designed to be chief legislator. I think Trump would let the Congress legislate. I think he would use the veto when he had to, to block whatever legislation he didn't like, but I think that Trump would be that independent executive that the Founders envisioned. He can't be bought and sold. He's a billionaire already. What does he care? This is why Trump is so refreshing. He just does whatever he wants."

He also criticized Presidents from both political parties for abusing their authorities once taking office.

"The last four administrations have just been one long continual slide into this executive usurpation, whether it's George HW Bush or George W Bush. When Barack Obama stands up and says, look I'm doing this but the guy before me did it too, well, he's 100 percent correct. George W Bush didn't really care for the Constitution that much with some of the things he was pushing. Neither did George HW Bush. Neither did Richard Nixon. Neither did Teddy Roosevelt. You can go back in history and find Republicans who were just as bad as Democrats in abusing executive power. This isn't a party issue. This is an executive power issue."

McClanahan complained that a President's second term is when they really let loose and push the envelope of legality.

"If you go back throughout history and you look at, from essentially, the first administration forward, in the second term is generally when the President starts doing things that you would question. It's problematic...If you look at Obama, he's indicative of the problem throughout history and that's that second term is really disastrous for American liberty."

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