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Atlantic City Expressway Call Boxes Going the Way of the Edsel

By Molly Daly

HAMMONTON, N.J. (CBS) -- The call boxes that dot the Atlantic City Expressway are headed for the scrap heap, being replaced by signs with a phone number to call for help.

South Jersey Transportation Authority spokesman Kevin Rehmann says the boxes are obsolete -- they don't allow voice communications -- not to mention redundant.

"Most people have a cell phone, and they call for service if they need it," he tells KYW Newsradio.  "So sometimes, somebody will use the call box and they'll call on their cell phone, and that creates confusion and doubles the responses."

But not everyone has a cell phone. What about them?

"You'd be amazed how many people driving by will call and report a vehicle. Our own maintenance trucks call -- there's a host of ways to keep people from being stranded."

Rehmann says removal was scheduled to start Monday, but an immediate need to do some repair work on the Atlantic City Expressway has moved it to midweek.

The whole project is expected to take about 90 days.

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