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Another Water Main Break, This Time In Frankford

By Jennifer Bernstein

FRANKFORD (CBS) – Frankford Avenue near East Pike Street is now open after a water main break closed it Sunday morning.

The Water Department says a 12 inch break affected 65 properties. Residents were woken up by the firefighters as they banged on doors to alert the neighborhood. Evacuations were not needed and the fire department says there doesn't appear to be any water in homes.

This is one of several water main breaks within the last month. One of the worst was two weeks ago on 21st and Bainbridge Streets where a break caused a massive sinkhole.

It was this messy situation that came to mind for residents on Frankford Avenue Sunday morning, "I was really scared," said Astacio Audalino, "the first thing in my mind was what about the cars?"

Hector Calderon immediately went to move his car, "I looked out, the whole street was soaked," said Calderon, "I was like you know what? I got my car out, I got my kids tomorrow."

There will be a fair amount of clean up - mud lines the street and there are parts of the sidewalk that are damaged.

The Water Department says the break should be repaired by Sunday afternoon.

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