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Annual Blobfest Returns This Weekend To Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville

PHOENIXVILLE (CBS) -- The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville will host it's annual Blobfest this weekend, July 8 through 10.

Those unfamiliar with the event may be asking, 'what is Blobfest?'

"It is in commemoration of the filming, the actual filming of the film The Blob, starring Steve McQueen back in 1958," says Colonial Theatre's LuAnn Roth.

American screen actor Steve McQueen
American screen actor Steve McQueen (1930-1980) in London. (Photo by McCarthy/Getty Images)

Roth continued to say the annual event keeps growing bigger.

"It started out one year, 17 years ago, with a group of people running out after we screened the film The Blob in the theatre-reenacting a scene in the film," she said.

Event-goers will take part in the annual theatre-run out after Friday night's stage show. There's also a street fair, film screenings and a fire-extinguisher parade.

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