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Analysis: Ad Dollars Suggest Pennsylvania Will Be An Election Battleground

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Pennsylvania Republican State Committee has been arguing that the state should be considered a tossup in November. Now, the argument is being backed up with money.

Crossroads GPS, the political action committee led by ex-Bush guru Karl Rove has launched a $25 million ad campaign against President Obama nationwide in 10 states over the next four weeks with half a million coming to Pennsylvania.

kane_larry tight
(KYW's Larry Kane)

The ads attack Obama's record and follow the Obama forces attacking Mitt Romney's record in big business.

The money spent in Pennsylvania is a further indication that the GOP views the Keystone State as competitive. For its part, the Obama Campaign has been spending a small fortune in Pennsylvania, where it launched the beginnings of a neighborhood-by-neighborhood ground campaign last November.

Although the Republican political action committee is spending in Pennsylvania, the half million dollars is far less than what other battleground states are spending.

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