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After Settlement, Victim 5 In Sandusky Case Is 'Relieved'

By Oren Liebermann

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  – It has been nearly two years since the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal began with the former coach's arrest, and more than one year has passed since he was convicted of sexually abusing young boys. Now the first lawsuit against Penn State University in the wake of the Sandusky case has been settled: the case of victim 5.

"I would describe him as - one word - my client's emotional reaction as relieved," said Tom Kline, the attorney for victim 5.

A 25 year old man now, victim 5 was only 13 back in 2001 when Sandusky sexually abused him in the shower. Kline says victim 5 is doing well now, but he will never fully get over what happened

"Make no mistake about it, my client has emotional scars in the deep recesses of his mind which he will carry with him forever."

In the list of Sandusky's victims, number 5 is in a pivotal spot. He was abused 6 months after Mike McQueary reported to Penn State administrators that he saw Sandusky abusing a boy in the shower. Kline says if Penn State acted immediately, victim 5 would never have been abused.

"He was the youngster who, without any doubt, could have and should have been prevented from being assaulted in the showers of Penn State," Kline said.

Kline wouldn't disclose the amount of the settlement. He says victim 5 has taken a big step on the healing road. Little by little, he will be able to put this behind him.

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