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A New Product Solves The Problem Of Tangled Earbuds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Are you always fishing around for your headphones or earbuds? And then when you find them you have to untangle them?

It can be a daily problem.

Consider it problem solved now, thanks to a local entrepreneur. This is one smart mother of invention.

They look like snazzy bracelets and necklaces. But they snap into earbuds in an instant, ending the frustration of searching your purse for earbuds that you'll spend time untangling.

So say good-bye to frustration and hello to Loopit!

Vanessa Chan, who is a Philadelphia mom with a PhD from MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, created the jewelry that transforms into earbuds.

"I was in corporate America for 14 years and I spent many hours on the phone and one of my biggest gripes was untangling my head phones," said Chan.

Chan began studying how earbud knots form and managed to unravel the mystery.

"The reason why tangles happen is because the headphones and the audio jack are not connected together," she explained.

So with a focus on a fashioniable and functional fix, Chan brought the Loopit to life with fashion-forward chainlink earbuds.

"The reason why I went with this classic design is because you can layer,'' said Chang. "Because of all kinds of people who would wear this, you can go from biker chick to someone who's going to a boardroom."

She attached the earbuds and the end to magnets, turning it into a necklace and back into earbuds in three seconds with Loopit's tangle free clasp.

So now with the prototype complete she needed to mass produce her "Loopit metal tags" so she became a part of Nextfab, a high tech Philadelphia workshop for tinkers and thinkers like Vanessa!

The retail price for Loopit is $50 but you can pre-order it on a kickstarter page and get a nice discount. You can click here for more information on Loopit.

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