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89-Year-Old Battling Dementia Gets Wish To Paint Mural

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Now a story that proves you're never too old to have your wishes granted. Our Vittoria Woodill introduces us to an 89-year-old who is letting her artistic light shine.

It's said that wishes on their way to coming true will not be rushed, and for Lizzie Rocco, a resident of Luther Woods nursing home, she's waited 89-years of her life for Tuesday.

Lizzie wished to paint a mural and so the twilight wish foundation, which grants wishes to seniors, decided to grant lizzie's wish! But would you believe that her 8 children never knew she liked the arts

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"We never knew mom had a skill, said Lizzie's son Joe Rocco. "In all my years I never knew my mother was an artist or that my mother like to color, or to draw, none of use knew it. Now we all get a different perspecitive of our mom and see our mom like we never saw her before."

A perspective that was gained after learning Lizzie had Dementia .

"It was hard really hard to watch mom and to see her today we're so happy," he said.

Lizzie was picked up in her first limo ride, and she met artists from Mural Arts Philadelphia.

She's painting the beginning stage of a mural that will fill the space of this arch on a church in South Philly.

The lines of age on her hands have no effect on the lines she paints. Lizzie the artist is living the wish her heart made...finally.

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