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4 Easy Tips To Revamp & Refresh Any Philadelphia Home

Other than rearranging your space, there are endless possibilities for a new look by re-purposing items you already own. Some basic efforts such as removing clutter and minimizing will enable a lighter mood when spending time in a room. By removing items that are simply dust collectors and getting rid of the random stuff that has piled up here and there, you will find your space easier to clean and maintain as well.

1. Fresh Paint
Painting is an obvious impulse when looking to refresh a space. Don't be afraid of color. By simply painting your white or neutral walls a vibrant rich color, you can totally transform the environment and make your existing furniture and decor look entirely new. Bold palettes can still be neutral if you stick with earth tones, such as celery green, deep beige or springtime yellow. There is always the option of taking the plunge into burgundy or eggplant, but ultimately you wan  to choose a color that will bring comfort and match your personality.

2. Distressed
A painted wooden piece can be made to look antique and vintage by the fairly simple process of distressing. A fun weekend project for you or your family will transform your existing furniture into something eye catching. You could also start from scratch, choose your paint color and follow with the distressing process.

3. Decoupage, Stenciling & Wall Designs
A plain item or wall can be dressed up by adding imagery or designs. There are tons of rub-on style designs to choose from at most craft stores. Simply choose a theme and begin applying the designs to anything that strikes your fancy, from tables to knick knacks, nearly anything can be transformed. Many local stores and department store chains offer large removable wall designs, which are basically giant stickers that can completely give a new hip and stylish feel to any room. Stenciling is another creative option, large or small accents added to furniture or walls with very little investment other than time.

4. Minor Options
Minor changes make major impacts. Changing pictures in existing frames, purchasing fitted sofa or chair covers and updating window treatments with fun fabrics draped loosely over a trendy-style rod can make you feel renewed and accomplished. Depending on your project and ambition, there are several options to help revamp your home.

Below are some local businesses that may be able to help you get started.

Art Star
623 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 238-1557

Art Star is an arts, crafts and home decor and accessories retailer featuring many local artists' work.

Blick Art Materials
1330 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 545-3214

Blick Art Materials has what you need for any redecorating project. Get crafty with help from supplies found here.

Omai Zakka Shop
1608 Pine St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 545-0963

Omai Zakka Shop offers endless ideas to revamp your home. See what advice they have for your project.

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Leslie Gerhart is an artist, photographer and social butterfly who hands her hands in every creative task she can. Having a young son, she is always on the prowl for an exciting adventure or new idea to try on a tight budget. She uses her unique perspective to seek out cost effective ways to change up the routine and break out of the normal day to day monotony. Her work can be found at

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