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2013 Spring Fashion Tips From A Philadelphia Fashionista

If there is one thing Philadelphia has, it's eclectic street style. Savvy fashionistas know that bold accent pieces or pops of color will have you shining like a diamond in no time. Tunisia Meek -- a Philadelphia fashionista, music lover and sole writer of the The Jolyn Project -- shares five tips on how to dress with style this spring.

Tip #1: Pop with color.

Whether it's a white T-shirt and jeans or a favorite black dress, your look can be taken up a notch just by adding a pair of yellow shoes, a bright red purse or even hot pink lipstick. This breathes new life into an otherwise simple outfit.

Tip #2: Play with accessories.

Sometimes, clothes are not the main draw of an outfit. The 'wow' factor can be the bracelet, earrings, ring or even sunglasses. Go to your favorite store and just go accessory shopping, and you'll be amazed how much small things enhance your outfits.

Tip #3: Be cool while staying cool.

There is nothing worse than feeling extra sweaty because you thought hot leather pants in the springtime would be, well, hot. Try to stick to cool fabrics like cotton, linen, denim and rayon. If the weather will cool down at night, then bring a light jacket or cardigan.

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Tip #4: Find gems at the back of your closet.

Everyone has clothes that are buried in the back of their closet. Pull out those oldies, dust them off and re-purpose them as this season's gems. You will be amazed at how much you can rework into your current wardrobe. In today's economic climate, it may be best to save a dollar or two by refreshing what you have right now, mixing the old with new.

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Tip #5: Try different patterns.

Spring is a fabulous time to have fun with your clothes. It's for rejuvenation, and that also means your style needs a makeover. They say expressing yourself through style is surefire way to show off how funky and fresh your personality can really be, and our outfits can express the overall sunny, cheerful mood of the season with patterns. Mismatch pin stripes with polka dots or flowers with plaid. You may be surprised how well these different patterns pair together.

Tip #6: Be comfortable and have fun!

Fashion should not be a tense pastime. It should be fabulous and fun -- especially in the springtime. Your clothes are a wonderful way to express yourself fully, and there is no need to be uncomfortable or mold your style to fit in with the latest trends. Meek's biggest tip is to create your own fashion trends, even if that means totally ignoring every single one of her tips!

Cassie Hepler is a freelance writer covering all things Philadelphia. Her work can be found on
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