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Zombies teach CPR in creepy public service announcement

Do you know how to perform CPR in a life-saving situation? If not, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is here to help - if it doesn't scare you to death first.

In a new public service announcement, the foundation offers a Halloween-themed take on the lifesaving procedure, and who better to teach how to save a person dying from cardiac arrest than the undead.

In the U.S., nearly 383,000 out-of-hospital cases of sudden cardiac arrests occur each year, according to the American Heart Association, mostly at home. Effective CPR from a bystander can double or triple a victim's chances of survival.

Watch how zombies "save" one woman going into cardiac arrest in the clip, called "The Undeading." But if that's too scary, you can always learn from a gangster how to perform the procedure to a hit1970s disco song.

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