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Zawahiri To Obama: "You Are Not Welcome in Egypt"

(As Sahab)
Al Qaeda No. 2, Ayman Zawahiri said in a new audiotape today that President Obama is not welcome in Egypt. Commenting on Obama's upcoming visit to Cairo, Zawahiri said that President Obama's message to the Muslim World has already been delivered.

"Obama's message to the Muslim World was delivered when he visited the Wailing wall, with the Jewish skullcap on his head…when he performed the Jewish prayers despite claiming that he is Christian," Zawahiri said, reminding his audience of Obama's pledge before the AIPAC conference to make Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel.

The al Qaeda deputy chief accused Obama of approving the "Zionist aggression on Gaza," of sending more troops to Afghanistan and continuing to bomb tribal areas of Pakistan, and of leading the "brutal campaign" against Muslims in the Swat valley. He said the Obama administration's message to the Muslim world can be seen in the continued use of secret prisons and the breach of the Geneva conventions regarding terror detainees.

"Obama's bloodied messages have reached and are still reaching Muslims, and they shall not be masked by the PR campaigns, the theatrical visits and the courteous words," Zawahiri said.

"As for his choice of Turkey and Egypt to be the places from which to address the Muslim world as he claims, well, this choice holds another indication that simply says that the kind of Muslims the Crusader Americans would be pleased with are those who abandon Islam and embrace secularism, those who acknowledge Israel, conclude security agreements with it, and take part in its military drills."

President Obama had visited Ankara last April and delivered a speech before the Turkish Parliament where he pledged to strengthen ties with the Muslim world.

Zawahiri directed part of his criticism at the Egyptian regime, accusing it of further tightening the blockade imposed on Palestinians in Gaza, and accusing Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak of grooming his elder son, Jamal, to succeed him as President," in order to maintain the corruption and the reliance on America, the Crusaders and the Jews."

Zawahiri, who previously called President Obama "a house negro" upon his election in December, said that only the corrupt "butchers and tyrants" of Egypt would welcome President Obama there, but not the sincere honest Egyptians. "The honorable people of Egypt despise Obama and consider him an international criminal, and an arriviste politician who serves the Zionist cause in order to get promoted to the highest levels of government."

He concluded his message by urging Egyptians not to welcome the US President in Egypt. "O' free and honorable people of Egypt, O' pious and Mujahids of Egypt, stand in one rank in the face of this criminal who came to try and obtain by ruse, what he failed to obtain in the battlefield, especially after the Mujahideens have foiled the American plots in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia."

Zawahiri's statement runs over nearly 12 minutes, and is entitled: "Egypt's Slayers and the Agents of America Welcome Obama."

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