Your Online News, Your Way

If you're looking for news on the Internet, is a great place to start.

But if you wanted a lot of information about just one or two topics, you'd have to do a lot of searching through web pages to find what you'll need.

Or would you?

Thanks to a technology knows as "RSS," (short for Rich Site Summary, or Really Simply Syndication), you can have the latest news headlines and information about the subjects you want from only the sites you want delivered right to your computer.

RSS uses a programming language called extensible markup language or XML to create custom-made news pages.

Web designers use XML to create their pages. Then, consumers can use programs called RSS readers to cull those pages and headlines into one window on their computer. Simply click on the headline you like, and call up the full story. It's easy, and depending upon the program you use to read RSS pages, it can be free, says UTTM Computer Consultant John Quain.