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Yemeni Al Qaeda Figure Threatens His Government Over Political Prison

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The so-called "Yemen branch" of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, released a video interview with a member of the group's consultation council identified as Abu Huraira al San'ani in which he threatened the Yemeni government saying that if it does not shut down the political prison which he referred to as "Yemeni Guantanamo," the group would use its own ways to do so.

The one-hour video shows al San'ani surrounded by eight guards, answering questions addressed to him by an invisible interviewer. Most of the questions revolved around al Qaeda operatives held prisoners in Yemeni jails, the "fake" trials held to indict them and the alleged abuse they suffer by interrogators.

Al San'ani, who is also known as Qassem al Rimi, was one of the al Qaeda fugitives from the political security prison in February of 2006.