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Yeardley Love, George Huguely Teams Set to Play

The highly-ranked University of Virginia men and women's lacrosse teams are scheduled to return to action this weekend, but will do it with hearts still heavy over the killing of one of their own, allegedly by another, reports CBS News Correspondent Bill Plante.

Women's team member Yeardley Love was found dead in a pool of blood in her off-campus apartment almost two weeks ago. Hours later, police charged her ex-boyfriend, men's team member George Huguely, with first-degree murder. Both 22-year-old seniors were to graduate later this month. Huguely's lawyer contends the death was an accident.

The men's team, ranked No. 1 in the country, will have home-field advantage Saturday night, hosting Mt. Saint Mary's.

"Everybody's gonna be watching to see if they can bring it together," says U.Va. student Aradhya Nigam told CBS News.

They will be the first games for either team since Love was killed.

While police investigate the crime, and Huguely's alleged history of violence, Plante observes, Love's friends and teammates are pushing through finals and preparing for the first games back.

For students on campus, the weekend games are an important part of the healing process, Plante points out.

"To see them play and do well is something that will bring up the mood a bit, I think," says U.Va. student Mohammad Chohan.

The U.Va. athletics department says it expects a high fan turnout this weekend.

Love's memory will be honored with a moment of silence at both games, and members of all U.Va. sports teams will wear a patch to remember love on their uniforms for the rest of the year.

"They need," says U.Va. student Brittany Carter, "to get back up on their feet and show that they have united as teams."

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