Red Flags Missed in George Huguely's Past?

Questions are being asked about whether warning signs in George Huguely's behavior and his relationship with Yeardley Love were overlooked - signs that, if heeded, might have prevented the tragedy he allegedly caused.

Huguely is charged with first-degree murder in Love's death.

They were on-again, off-again boyfriend and girlfriend, and the 22-year-old University of Virginia lacrosse players were due to graduate later this month.

Love's battered body was found in a pool of blood early on the morning of May 3 in her off-campus apartment by her roommate and the roommate's boyfriend.

Huguely was arrested hours later.

In court documents, police say Huguely admitted to them that he kicked in Love's bedroom door, shook her, and that her head repeatedly hit the wall.

His attorney, Francis Lawrence, says Love's death was an accident.

But an upcoming People magazine article quotes college friends as saying Huguely was aggressive, especially when he drank, reports CBS News Correspondent White Jonson. A parent of one U.Va. student is quoted as saying some of Love's friends were "aware that George was not nice to Yeardley."

Photos: Yeardley Love Murdered; George Huguely Charged

"Friends and people at the University of Virginia," says People Executive Editor Betsy Gleick, "have painted a picture of some kind of escalating violence in the days leading up to Yeardley's death.

U.Va. President John Casteen met with Virginia Gob. Bob McDonnell Tuesday to discuss s Huguely off-campus arrest. The school claims it was unaware Huguely was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest in Lexington, Va. in 2008. The arresting officer was a female authorities say felt so threatened she used a stun gun on Huguely.

Casteen is pushing to require police to tell schools about off-campus arrests of their students.

Huguely's mother, Marta Murphy, has released a statement saying she's "devastated and confused" and, "We are all trying to understand and cope as best we can."

Both U.Va. lacrosse teams will take part in the NCAA lacrosse tournament this weekend. The men are ranked No. 1 in the country, the women No. 6. Both teams are dedicating their post-seasons to Love.

Sports Illustrated points to one student who describes Huguely as "cute" and "charming" when sober, but obsessive with women.

SI's Jon Wertheim, who wrote the article, told "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez Thursday, "Very quickly, it became clear (to him when he visited U.Va. after the killing) that this was not something out of the blue. This had been building for weeks and weeks. People sort of had heard things, some of it first-hand, some of it second-hand. But, after the act, I think in some ways, for some students, it was almost a cource of relief but, for others, deeply disturbing that there were a lot of warning signs."

In the weeks leading up to the murder, Wertheim says, "There had been a violent … attack, basically, that was witnessed by other students and also, as these details seeped out - a prior arrest, and (Huguely) punching a sleeping teammate, clearly there was something in this here.

"None of this went reported. We were able to confirm there were no restraining orders, no reports. But just sort of the campus buzz -- just the buzz, the campus grapevine -- if you're coaching a team and a player is assaulting a sleeping teammate, wouldn't you prod around? There were just too many episodes that were almost foreshadowing this."