Yawning around the world is a contagious prank

(CBS News) The body has a few functions that could be dubbed "natural pranks." (Many of which are a bit juvenile, tend to be smelly and would never be highlighted here.) Among those functions would definitely be the sleepy-associated, often-involuntary action of the "yawn." (Which has a contagious nature to it that even crosses species.) So go ahead and click play on the video above to watch a yawn go global in this contagious prank that is sure to infect you with laughter.

The cute, clever, world-wide trek to yawn at major exotic locales practically everywhere was created and posted by online prankster Roman Atwood who writes about the clip:

By far the most difficult and time consuming videos I have ever done. Sometimes it took multiple days just to get one good Yawn. Thanks so much for watching and sharing.
On a side note, if anyone is looking to pay someone to yawn around the world, I'm readily available. Getting back on track, a big triple-rainbow salute of clever body function prank done right goes out to Roman Atwood from all of us here at The Feed for the hilarious clip! And to check out more great work from Roman Atwood, be sure to check out his YouTube page by clicking here.