Would Different Rules Have Meant Different Candidates?

Hillary Clinton has said more than once that if the rules in the Democratic primary were similar to the rules under which the GOP picks its nominee, she would already be her party's candidate.

Now Mike Huckabee is making the same argument – in reverse – and backing Clinton's claim in the process.

"If you do an analysis of the election, if we had played by the rules of the Democrats, I would have won, and if the Democrats have played by the rules of the Republicans, Hillary would have won this long ago," Huckabee told the Huffington Post.

He continued:

If you look at the process, and I'm not bitter about and it's nothing that I'm complaining about. It is what it is. But the Republicans had a front-loaded system with winner-take-all states, and the front-load was largely states that were states that are not Republican states, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California. They were winner-take-all states, but they were big states and delegate-rich. Those were the states John McCain plays very well in. I've won the states in the South. I won Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia and Arkansas...

But those were all proportionate states. So I won them, but I didn't get all the delegates. But if you had taken that whole system and reversed it, it would have been a very different outcome.

Huckabee also weighed in on the situation Clinton now faces.

"Whether she likes it or not, the perception is that it's over for her," he said. "She can argue that she could take it to the convention. I could argue the same thing. The convention is where the process really does happen. But once every day, the media pounds it in that the elections over, then at some point it becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy... if every day for weeks on end, the people of Ohio or Wisconsin or Texas or Rhode Island are told that it really doesn't matter how they vote, it's already done, then first of all, some of the people just don't even bother to go vote, and others don't want to vote if they don't think they're going to win, so they go vote for whoever everybody says is going to be the winner. There's just a certain psychology about that."