Women Flock To Democrats

EMILY's List produced some interesting numbers about female voters in the Mountain West this primary season versus four years ago. While women were the majority of Democratic primary voters in both years, their numbers are even higher in many states than four years ago. EMILY's List is the Democratic women's pro-choice PAC whose founder, Ellen Malcolm, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. The numbers show that women's participation increased in states Clinton won on Super Tuesday and some where rival Barack Obama claimed victory.

For example, in Arizona, where Clinton won on Tuesday, women made up a staggering 62 percent of the Democratic electorate. The women's rate was 59 percent in 2004.

In Utah, which went for Obama, women made up 57 percent of Democratic primary voters. Women's participation actually dropped 2 points there from its 2004 level.

And in case you're wondering which Democrat won New Mexico and the party percentage of female voters, the answer is, we don't know yet.

New Mexico is the only Super Tuesday state that is still counting ballots, with Clinton ahead by some 1,000 but with 17,000 or so still to be counted.

So keep watching, folks!

By Bonnie Erbe