Woman: Johnson Accosted Me

Image from video sent to NBC shows Cho Seung-Hui, identified by police as Virginia Tech gunman.
A Bay area woman has accused Miami Vice and Nash Bridges star Don Johnson of making lewd comments when the two crossed paths in a sushi bar.

The woman, whom authorities did not identify, told police Johnson grabbed her Jan. 20 and made sexually explicit comments when she went to the restroom at Mas Sake, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday.

Ronald Litz, Johnson's attorney, denied his client acted inappropriately and said the propositions likely came from the woman.

"What I know about the evening is that probably 25 women came up to Don, and that happens wherever he goes," Litz said. "He can't accommodate everybody."

According to the police report, the actor was standing by the restroom door and grabbed the woman's right arm as she approached, asking if she knew who he was.

The woman said Johnson then complimented her on her chest, to which the woman replied "You're a disgusting pig," according to the report. The woman said she stumbled in her hurry to return to her table, scraping her knee and elbow.

In 1997, Johnson faced charges of sexual harassment from two female employees who sued the actor for allegedly sexually harassing them while they worked on Nash Bridges.

The women filed suit just three weeks after Johnson sued them for defamation, accusing them of trying to extort $1.5 million in exchange for an agreement not to sue for sexual harassment.

The suits were dropped after a confidential out-of-court settlement was reached.

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