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Woman beats grandson for eating too much bacon, say Pa. police

Cold cuts and hot dogs may be staples of sandwiches and school lunches. But they are high in calories and saturated fat, not to mention sodium. The study showed that eating lots of processed meats tacked on 0.93 pound every four years. Flickr/shawnzam

(CBS/AP) CLIFTON HEIGHTS, Pa. - If the cholesterol doesn't get you, your grandmother might.

A southeastern Pennsylvania woman, 63-year-old Marilee Ann Kolynych, is accused of beating her 9-year-old grandson and blasting him in the face with a garden hose, because he ate too much bacon at the breakfast table.

The Delaware County Daily Times reports that Kolynych was arrested Tuesday.

Clifton Heights police say Kolynych was angry at her grandson because she believed he ate too much bacon that morning and didn't leave enough for everyone else.

Police say she assaulted the boy, knocking him to the ground. They say witnesses reported that Kolynych pinned him down, beat him on the legs and then sprayed him with the hose. He did not require medical attention.

Kolynych is being held on $25,000 bail.

That's a lot of bacon.