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With Debate and Bailout Bill Still Uncertain, McCain Stays in Washington


From CBS News' John Bentley:

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – John McCain will stay here tonight as he continues to work on the proposed bailout bill, further jeopardizing the chances of the first presidential debate taking place tomorrow night. Meeting with Congressional leaders, President Bush, and Barack Obama today, McCain reportedly brought up alternative proposals to the bailout plan, not all of which were supported by Democrats. But his campaign was quick to add that McCain was not pushing a Republican agenda.

"We are not pushing any specific proposal," said campaign spokesman Jill Hazelbaker. "We are dedicated to brokering a quality agreement on a bipartisan basis."

Obama will also spend the night in Washington. Tomorrow night's debate isn't scheduled until 9pm Eastern time, so both candidates could conceivably work on the bailout plan tomorrow in Washington, then fly to Oxford, Mississippi, tomorrow for the debate.

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