Winterizing Your Body

Dr. Andrew Weil
We winterize our cars and our houses. So why not ourselves?

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, that applies even more in the cold winter months — so winterizing our health is wise, says best-selling author, educator, and healthy living expert Dr. Andrew Weil.

On The Early Show Friday, he explained to co-anchor Rene Syler why we're more susceptible to illnesses in winter, and how to help ward them off.

One tip: Head to the health food store for a Chinese herb called astragalus. Another: Eat properly and exercise! And that applies year-round!

"They're always foundations for good health," Weil said. "There is really no substitute for making sure you're eating enough fruits and vegetables, that you're eating a balanced diet, and physical activity, we just find again and again, any way we look at it, that maintaining regular physical activity throughout life is one of the keys to optimum health at every age."

Weil also discussed the differences between colds and flu, and talked about how to recognize symptoms of pneumonia.

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