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William, Kate baby rumors starting already

The world's most famous newlyweds are halfway through their first official overseas trip,

And, some protests notwithstanding, Prince William and his bride, Catherine, seem to be making friends everywhere they go in Canada.

Their schedule's been jam-packed, but they did manage to get in some private time Friday, CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter told "Early Show" co-anchor Jeff Glor on Monday.

"They used it wisely on Friday," Arbiter said. "They got a whole four hours together, but it was said to be very romantic, very private. We're told William rowed Kate across Lake Harrington, on the outskirts of Quebec. They went to a log cabin, which is the country retreat of Canada's prime minister (Stephen Harper). And, while they were there, they explored the park, they had a picnic.

Pictures: William and Kate in Canada

"Reports have been quite cheeky. They (the reports) said, if there's a baby nine months from now, the headlines are going to read 'Made in Canada." '

William and Kate have been handling their many appearances "brilliantly," Arbiter observed, adding, "William and Kate mania has gripped Canada, but that is entirely due to the fact the couple are interacting with the crowd so well. There's focus. There's eye contact.

" ... Not only that, but Kate was sharing some quite personal moments with one of the army wives the day she arrived. She talked about the fact that she gets very nervous when William's out on a mission. She finds it very difficult. She's frightened something will happen to him. We never see royals making personal contact quite on that level, but it makes this couple instantly relatable."

Arbiter said the protesters in Quebec weren't "out in the numbers we were expecting. There were no walkabouts scheduled yesterday because of security concerns. And yet, William and Kate took matters into their own hands and they did go out for an impromptu walkabout.

"But we're not seeing the protesters like we did when (Prince) Charles (William's father) and (his wife) Camilla were there in 2009. Protesters then were blocking the street, they were throwing eggs. Actually, yesterday, protesters were largely drowned out by the William and Kate fans."

And the buzz is already building about the couple's upcoming U.S. stop on July 8.

"Friday," Arbiter noted, "they land in Los Angeles, and if that's not the invitation to get to any of the events they're going to be at - it is going to be quite the celebrity fest. I think Hollywood's getting very excited. People have paid up to $60,000 to play polo with William on Saturday in Santa Barbara."

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