Will & Kate's wedding? It's in the stars

Prince William of Great Britain (l) and his fiancee Kate Middleton, at Royal National Lifeboat Institution naming ceremony and service dedication, Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station, Anglesey, Wales
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Prince William and Kate Middleton, at Royal National Lifeboat Institution naming ceremony and service dedication in Wales. (AP)

(CBS/AP) People often discuss how Kate Middleton and Prince William are a good match - now astrologers can prove it.

According to leading British astrologers, the star signs of Middleton, Capricorn, and William, Cancer, indicate that the two are highly compatible and have a good chance of enjoying a successful marriage.

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"They probably feel like soul mates," said Wendy Stacey, chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

People may not consider astrology a good source of truth. However, past predictions prove them wrong.

According to the Associated Press in 1981, an astrologer warned that Prince Charles, a complex Scorpio sign, would face a "stormy marriage" with Princess Diana, born under a Cancer star sign. Everyone knows how this marriage tragically ended.

Jay Lucan of the British Astrological and Psychic Society said the couple has a "75 percent relationship compatibility" based on their star charts - giving them a "definitely good chance" of outlasting William's parents' marriage.

Stacey and Lucan acknowledge that their predictions may not be accurate for several reasons, including the unknown time of Kate Middleton's birth. Prince William's exact time of birth was immediately announced as a matter of national interest.

The first indication of Middleton and William's astrological compatibility is in the basics - their star signs designate two elements: earth (Capricorn) and water (Cancer).

"Cancers and Capricorns are opposites as water and earth," Stacey explains. "As a result, they can read each other very clearly and they have a deep emotional understanding. It's quite a lovely thing."

The astrologers claim that both Middleton and William exhibit characteristic traits of their star signs.

"William is emotionally very private - a typical Cancer. He doesn't share a lot and likes to retreat," Stacey said. No wonder the couple plans to settle in a backwater town in Wales as Prince William works as a search-and-rescue pilot with the Royal Air Force.

Lucan uses the crusty crab symbol that represents the Cancer sign to describe William - with its thick shell on the outside protecting a soft, vulnerable body. "William's not that well-equipped to deal with criticism. He shares that same trait with his mother (also a Cancer)," Lucan said.

Typical of her sign, Middleton is much tougher. As a Capricorn, "She definitely wears the pants in the relationship," Stacey said.

Middleton is ambitious, a commoner marrying into a royal family, and most of all she is patient - after all, she did wait eight years for her prince to pop the question.

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