Will Egypt's Revolution Spark Domino Effect?

Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Doha Center said on "Washington Unplugged" Monday that the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia could spark similar outcomes throughout the Middle East.

"We're seeing protests all throughout the region, people are drawing inspirations from the Egyptian model, and what I think people are saying is if it first happened in Tunisia, and now that it's happened in Egypt, why can't it happen elsewhere?" Hamid told CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante. Protests have been seen in recent days in Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain and Iran.

As Plante noted, though Hosni Mubarak is no longer the president of Egypt, protesters remain on the streets in that country in an effort to remind the military "who's in charge of Egypt's revolution."

Hamid pointed to the "end of this so-called stability-paradigm," stating that countries throughout the Middle East are suddenly taking new approaches to respond to their citizens' needs. "Some [countries] are trying essentially to bribe their citizens, as we've seen in Kuwait," he said. Hamid added that the United States should try to adapt its foreign policy accordingly.

"We're seeing protests emerge everywhere," he said. "Yemen could be next. Jordan could be next. It's really hard to tell."

Watch Plante's interview with Hamid above.