Will Arnett: "There will be more 'Arrested Development'"

Will Arnett on future of "Arrested Developmen... 04:52

(CBS News) Will Arnett's character Gob Bluth on "Arrested Development" made the comedian a household name. The actor is now back on television in the new CBS comedy "The Millers."

Arnett plays a recently divorced news reporter who suddenly finds himself living with his over-protective mother after his father, played by Beau Bridges, leaves her. The role is different from anything else he's ever done, since he plays the straight man.

The actor told the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts that he was excited about this role because he wanted to do a show that was more relatable.

"For a long time I liked to playing characters that were inherently flawed and were sort of outside of the center," Arnett said on "CBS This Morning." "And for me doing something like this, I could play a character that was much closer to me and I really related to it."

Arnett also talked about Netflix's decision to bring back "Arrested Development" after a six year hiatus. He said that it was a move that could never have been "anticipated even three years before we agreed to do it." He explained that the online video service turned out to be a "great" home and a "great" way to watch the show.

The actor said having the show come back was something that had always been talked about and there was always the notion that they were going to do "a movie or something." When asked if the cast was planning on doing a movie, he did not commit to having the program on the big screen, but promised there would be more of the show.

"It might be a little premature for me to say exactly what's going to happen, but I can say that there will be more 'Arrested Development' to be consumed," he said. "Whether that's in an actual movie format is not really my decision, but it is something - we are going to do more."

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