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Why we should thank the 1 percent

COMMENTARY Thank goodness for the 1 percent. Yes, that same 1 percent that is being skewered by nearly everyone. Why should we thank the 1 percent when it's much more popular to castigate and criticize them? Because they run the world. They create. They build. They lead. They make things happen.

It's only because of the 1 percent that you have a computer screen to view, inexpensive clothing to wear, accessible food to eat, gas to put in your car, and nearly everything else you take for granted. And I'm not just talking about the 1 percent of income earners -- some of them got lucky, were born into their fortunes, or took advantage of others -- I'm talking about the 1 percent of everything. The top 1 percent who volunteer in your community, lead your children's PTA meetings, do the work in your organization, provide jobs to people in your city, and raise more money for charities, among many other endeavors.

The 1 percent is all around us, and we should thank our lucky stars they get out of bed every morning. They make the world go round. They make our lives easier. They are committed. They are passionate. They work hard and they get results. They take chances the other 99 percent wouldn't take. They may get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to get the job done. They start the businesses. They write the books. They invent. They risk their time and money.

And chances are, you are the top 1 percent of something, and may not even know it. Find your own 1 percent and celebrate your success and achievement. Then stop condemning the 1 percent where you are part of the 99 percent. Why tear down those that give so much? Consider Ayn Rand's character, John Galt. There's probably some of him in you, too.

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