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Why pet insurance is worth it for dogs of all ages

Pet insurance for puppies is generally cheapest, but it can still be worth having for older dogs, too. Stefan Cioata/Getty Images

No one likes to pay more than they have to. And no consumer likes paying for a product or service that they don't need and won't use. This sentiment is particularly strong in today's inflationary environment when prices for food and groceries are high and extra funds are tight. In this climate, every expenditure needs to have worth.

For pet owners, many of whom have become accustomed to higher veterinary bills in recent months, any extra help is welcome. This is especially true for dogs who tend to need more medical care more often than some other domesticated pets. Fortunately, pet insurance can be a valuable and cost-effective alternative for dog owners to pursue, regardless of their pet's age. 

If you're a dog owner considering pet insurance then start by getting a free price quote now.

Why pet insurance is worth it for dogs of all ages

Here are three different age ranges and why pet insurance is worth it for the dogs in that group.


Pet insurance is arguably most valuable for younger animals, including puppies. You'll never secure a better combination of cost and coverage than when you insure your dog at a young age. Puppies are inherently healthier and less risky to insure, giving the provider less to worry about and the owner a smaller premium to pay each month. 

Coverage options for younger dogs are also more robust. Since your puppy, presumably, has no existing health conditions or issues, an insurer will likely offer you comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price point. This can include coverage for vet visits, treatments, medicine and maybe some other surprising things (like treatment for separation anxiety).

So don't wait until your dog gets older and coverage becomes more expensive. Start checking pet insurance prices online today.

Middle-aged dogs

Dogs that aren't quite puppies but are too young to be considered senior can benefit from pet insurance, too. These dogs may soon have pre-existing medical conditions, which would severely limit what a provider will offer (most pet insurance companies don't cover pre-existing conditions). But if you can get a policy before your pet becomes symptomatic you'll have options readily available. If you're hesitant about the price, it may be worth looking into an accident-only policy instead. This type of pet insurance will cover your pet for accidents like broken bones or items they accidentally swallowed. But because it only covers select items, the price is typically lower than the more comprehensive policies.

Older dogs

There's a misconception that pet insurance isn't worth it for older dogs. And while it's true that it may be more expensive — and your coverage may be more limited — it can still be a smart way to combat rising veterinary costs. You never know when your older pet can get sick. In this unpredictable age range its better to have pet insurance to help reduce the costs you'd otherwise get stuck paying out of pocket. Some policies even reimburse owners up to 90% of their bills. Compared to the minimal fee you'd have to pay to a provider (which is often discounted if paid annually), it makes sense to secure the financial protection a policy can provide.

Explore some of the top pet insurance companies on the market in the below table.

The bottom line

In today's economy, not every product and service is valuable. But if you have a dog, and don't want to get stuck paying for each of its medical bills in full, it's worth getting pet insurance. Lower costs and more comprehensive options make it especially smart for puppies but it can still help middle-aged pets (before pre-existing medical conditions arise) and seniors (as it can reduce the inevitable costs you'd otherwise pay in full for an older pet).

Not sure if pet insurance is right for your dog? Get a free price quote in 30 seconds now and find out!

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