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Is pet insurance worth it for older dogs?

Pet insurance can offer valuable protection for dogs of all ages, even those that are a bit older. Dann Tardif/Getty Images

Older dogs can be wonderful companions. They're already trained, generally calm and happy to just hang out on the couch with you. If you have a senior dog, you know how rewarding it can be.

Unfortunately, senior dogs also tend to incur higher vet costs than younger ones. Pet insurance can help you pay for these expenses, but coverage can cost more for senior dogs since they have a higher chance of illness, injury and age-related health issues like hearing and vision loss. So is it worth paying for coverage if your dog has reached its senior years? Or are you better off skipping it altogether? That's the question we will discuss below.

If you're in the market for pet insurance currently then start by getting a free price quote so you know what to expect.

Is pet insurance worth it for older dogs?

Don't discount pet insurance if your dog is no longer a puppy. Here are three big reasons why you should still get pet insurance for your senior dog.

Older dogs tend to need more medical care

The older your dog gets, the more likely they are to develop health problems, such as arthritis, cancer, and kidney or liver disease. The savings you get from pet insurance could easily offset the additional cost of coverage (and then some). Some pet insurance policies even cover end-of-life care like euthanasia and cremation or burial fees. But don't worry about getting disqualified if your pet is older. "You can enroll your pet in a plan provided from Spot once your pet is 8 weeks old or older," Spot pet insurance notes online. "There is no upper age limit for coverage or enrollments."

You can save on coverage for older dogs

Whatever your dog's age, you can save money on pet insurance costs by comparison shopping and evaluating your options. Different types of plans cover different levels of care, with the costs increasing or decreasing with the scope of coverage.

You can also look into adjusting your deductible and reimbursement percentage to lower your monthly premium payments. In addition, many pet insurance providers offer discounts if you enroll multiple pets. You can start comparison shopping by getting a pet insurance quote here now or simply use the table below to compare some top providers on the market.

Peace of mind is invaluable

When your pet is sick or in pain, you don't want to have to worry about how to pay for necessary medical care. You just want to see them get better. You definitely don't want to face the heart-wrenching decision of whether to forego treatment if you can't afford it. Pet insurance can make these situations easier and allow you to do everything you can to take care of your furry family member.

The bottom line

While it's best to get pet insurance when your dog is younger, a few gray furs don't mean you should rule it out. Many pet insurance providers allow you to enroll your pet at many ages and an older dog often needs coverage more than a younger dog.

When evaluating pet insurance plans, consider your dog's life expectancy, potential breed-related health conditions, and any pre-existing conditions. Most insurance policies don't cover treatment related to pre-existing conditions, but that doesn't mean you can't enroll your pet - coverage will still save you on other medical issues that arise.

Get a customized pet insurance price quote here now!

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