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Why is Costco selling gold bars? What to know about gold investing now

Costco is now selling gold bars, capitalizing on the high interest from many investors. Creativ Studio Heinemann

The news last week that popular warehouse retailer Costco is now selling gold bars was greeted warmly by its members. So warmly, in fact, that the gold bars quickly sold out online. Considering that the 1-ounce gold bars were selling for just under $2,000, that product excitement may be difficult for many to understand. But for many seasoned investors, it makes sense.

Gold has increased in popularity in 2023 for a variety of reasons, which could benefit investors of all ages and backgrounds. If you're one of those considering the gold investing craze now (it hit an 11-year high in September) then it first helps to understand the benefits of investing in the shiny metal.

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What to know about gold investing now

Whether you want to purchase gold bars from Costco, or simply feel comfortable using a top gold investment company, it's important to understand the benefits a gold investment can provide you. Here are three of the top reasons to invest in gold now:

To hedge against inflation

Gold has long been considered a reliable hedge against inflation. And in case anyone hasn't noticed, inflation is still humming along. After almost a year of cooling, it ticked up again in July and again in August. Interest rates meant to combat it, meanwhile, are at a 22-year high

Against this backdrop, it's understandable why many want the hedge gold can provide. Gold tends to do well during uneven economic times and can even experience a tick-up in value. With limited ways to protect your funds now, gold can often be a smart alternative to pursue.

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To diversify your portfolio

A portfolio filled with stocks and bonds can experience wild swings in both directions. While that volatility can produce substantial returns quickly, it can also wipe out earnings overnight. 

Because of this, it's often helpful to have a stabilizing element in your portfolio. Many investors turn to gold to diversify their portfolio and offset losses felt elsewhere. While gold may not produce income in the same amount or same timeframe as other investments, you're unlikely to lose as much value as quickly either. Just make sure to invest in the right amount (most experts recommend limiting the gold portion of your portfolio to 10% or less).

To add some liquidity to your investments

Stocks and bonds can be great, but they don't come with the same flexibility that gold does. If you own gold bars and coins, for example, you can generally sell them for a respectable price quickly and efficiently, making gold one of the better liquid investments to pursue. It's easy to buy, easy to sell and accepted around the globe. So, if you're looking for an investment that you can part with easily (at or above) your investment price, gold is often a smart choice.

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The bottom line

Once familiar with the benefits of gold investing, it's not surprising that the gold bars sold by Costco quickly ran out. Chances are, those purchasers were looking for the same benefits — a hedge against inflation, a portfolio diversifier and a liquid asset — that many investors have already used to their advantage. The only difference now is that there's one more avenue to pursue the shiny metal. 

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