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Why Di's Butler Did It

A controversial memoir by Princess Diana's former butler has hit the bookstores in Britain.

Paul Burrell insists the book is a loving tribute, but in interviews he admits he remains angry at what he felt were snubs by members of the royal family. CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reports.

The book is on sale and its author is on trial again - this time, in the court of public opinion.

Asked by a reporter if he is just taking revenge, as many people are saying, Burrell demurs. "No. It is not about revenge at all," he says. Is it about money? "It's about the truth," Burrell answers.

Burrell, whom Princess Diana's once called "her rock," has been given a hard time over his new book, which has been excerpted in one of Britain's tabloid newspapers over the last week. In a furious round of interviews, Burrell's been trying to justify his revelations, including that Diana thought there was a plot to tamper with her brakes so she'd die in a car crash; that her brother worried about her mental stability; and that her father-in-law blamed her in part for her breakdown for her marriage to Prince Charles.

The re-hanging in public of the dirty royal linen has so upset Diana's two sons, Princes William and Harry, that they've asked Burrell to stop. He says he would have stopped long ago if the royals had come to his aid at the time when he was being tried for hoarding hundreds of Diana's letters and artifacts.

He says he was keeping them safe. The criminal case against him was dropped after the queen belatedly remembered Burrell had told her he had the stuff. One sympathetic phone call from the royals would have been enough to stop the proceedings, he says, but it never came.

Burrell says, "Police knocking on my door and taking me to the highest court in the land; my name has been trashed; my family has been put through hell; and I've been to the brink of suicide. Now, at the end of all that, I think it's important that I have a say. I'm a human being, too.

He appears to be a person about to make a fortune from his book, and that news has been roughly received by those sympathetic to the royal family.

On the street, one woman says, "I think it's a disgrace. I think he's been totally disloyal to the royal family."

A man says, "Whether he's right or wrong on what he is saying, I think his reasons are totally money driven. At the end of the day, morally, I think he is wrong."

And another one notes, "I feel sorry for the boys."

Royal watchers and those friends of the princess who are suspicious of Burrell's motives say it now puts his relationship with Diana in a new light.

Vivian Perry, Diana's colleague, says, "Diana and Burrell were the odd couple of Kensington Palace. They were drawn together. Yet, they were at loggerheads. So although they were incredibly close, they did have awful fights."

So what now? Paul Burrell says he wants to sit down with the two princes to explain his motives and more.

Burrell says, "I'd love to give them a piece of my mind. Yes! But they have to grow up and get on with this."

About that remark, Perry says, "I do think this is a delusion of grandeur. Give the princes a piece of his mind? I mean, has he forgotten what he is? And what he does? And what he did? It's really intolerable."

If the royal heirs want to talk to the butler, it seems they'll have to wait on him. He's off to the U.S. now on a book promotion tour.

A reported one million copies of Burrell's book are already on bookshelves in the United States.

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