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Where Were You when You Heard about Jackson?

For many of Michael Jackson's fans, what took place exactly a year ago is as fresh as if it happened yesterday.

And, as "The Early Show" found out, they still seem as affected by Jackson's death as the moment the news first broke that something terrible had happened.

For many, the shock and pain are almost as fresh as a year ago.

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When news broke that Jackson was in a coma and was being taken to a Los Angeles hospital, fan Diane Powell couldn't believe her ears. "My initial thought was, 'It can't be. Not Michael," ' Powell recalled.

For Pilar Fort, "It seemed like hours until it was, you know, confirmed, and I literally bawled like a baby."

Let us know where YOU were, what you remember in the comments box below, and take our poll about when you heard the news.

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