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Where the Couch Potatoes Live

If you want to become a couch potato, you should move to Raleigh. People in this North Carolina city spend almost twice as much on cable television as the rest of America.

On average, Americans spend about $47.33 per month on cable and satellite services, according to, a site that uses credit card spending data to generate vast quantities of information about what Americans do with money. Their latest sort says that people in Raleigh spend $1,033 per year, or some $86.08 per month, beaming signals to the television set.

The nation's second-most couch-potato friendly city? Austin, Tx., where gluing yourself to the t.v. costs $970 annually. A not-so-close 3rd-place is Scottsdale, Az, where they're spending $918 a year on cable. In Irvine, CA, the average cable expenditure is $915.

They are apparently not watching a lot of t.v. in Detroit, where the average cable expenditure amounts to $219 per month; Hiahleah, Fla., $231; Columbus, Ohio, $296; Toledo, Ohio, $309 and Chula Vista, CA, $313.

Other little bits of spending trivia: Chula Vista also stands out as one of the places residents are least likely to leave -- for vacation, that is. People in Chula Vista spend only about $676 on travel each year, according to Bundle, which puts Chula Vistans in the bottom five of travel spenders nationwide.

People who live in the Washington D.C. area, on the other hand, spend an average of $3,409 fleeing the city, while those in nearby Arlington spend $3,534. Only thing close: San Franciscans spend $3,460 annually getting out of town.

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