Where is Jackson's Body?

After spending nearly his entire life in the spotlight, the big question right now is where is Michael Jackson's body?

It left the mortuary Tuesday and was front and center at the Staples Center for Jackson's memorial, but nobody ever saw it leave the building.

The Jackson family says its location is a secret and they don't want the public to yet know when or where Michael Jackson will be buried.

Of course, this has only increased the conspiracy theories that Jackson's body wasn't actually in the casket at the Staples Center yesterday or that it is actually frozen so he can be brought back to life at some point.

However, it could just be that the family hasn't decided where to bury him. At first, they indicated they wanted to do it at Jackson's Neverland Ranch, but they couldn't get a waiver of California Law which prohibits burials on private property. Some reports say Michael's mother Katherine is opposed to the Neverland plan.

We will likely know soon, because one thing we do know is that there are few details of Michael Jackson's life that remain a secret.

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