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When is Hillary Clinton likely to clinch the Democratic nomination?

Please check here for the latest delegate count.

Hillary Clinton is now positioned to secure enough delegate support to clinch the 2016 Democratic nomination on Tuesday night.

Based on pre-election polling and the proportional allocation of delegates, Clinton can reasonably expect to get the delegates she'll need to take her over the top, beyond the 2,383 delegates needed.

Six states are going to the polls Tuesday: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and North Dakota (Democratic Caucus), and 694 delegates are at stake in these primaries. Clinton needs fewer than 5 percent -- just 23 of them -- to clinch the nomination, and by early evening, pre-election polling suggests she'll surpass that number.

Polls have shown Clinton with a strong double-digit lead in New Jersey, which will award 126 Democratic delegates, and she needs only to win a portion of the state's vote -- she doesn't need to win the state outright.

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