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Where Clinton and Sanders stand in the delegate count

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Going into Tuesday's spate of primaries, Hillary Clinton is now just 23 delegates short of the 2,383 needed to clinch the nomination. CBS News estimates that Clinton now has 2,360 total delegates (including superdelegates).

CBS News' Nancy Cordes explains Bernie Sander... 05:43

Clinton has picked up 36 delegates from Puerto Rico so far, while Bernie Sanders has so far picked up 20. The remaining delegates will be allocated as more votes are counted.

There are 694 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, and Clinton is expected to hit the magic number then, but she can also reach that number at any time, should more superdelegates swing their support her way.

Bernie Sanders faces a much steeper climb to reach 2,383: to get there, he'd need 97 percent of all the remaining delegates: pledged delegates plus the support of outstanding superdelegates or switches from Clinton.

Clinton is well-positioned to obtain a majority of pledged delegates - this would mean winning 2,026 pledged delegates (more than 50 percent of the 4,051 total pledged delegates). So far, she has 1,812 pledged delegates and needs to win about 30 percent of the pledged delegates in the remaining contests (through June 14th) to get a majority. Clinton has won 54 percent of pledged delegates to date.


Sanders, on the other hand, would need to win 72 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to hit 2,026. He has won about 46 percent of the pledged delegates to date.

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