What's Up With Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith is raising eyebrows again with her latest outrageous behavior. The Early Show got the scoop from Kevin Frazier of "Entertainment Tonight," whose complete report will be broadcast today on that program.

At the American Music Awards Sunday night, Anna Nicole Smith got plenty of people talking when she introduced a musical performance by Kanye West, behaving bizarrely and slurring her speech.

Frazier told The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler: "When I interviewed Anna Nicole, she was in rare form, talking about her life-and-death battle with prescription drugs; a battle she says is behind her."

Anna Nicole Smith told Frazier, "I actually went into a coma, you know. I almost died. And I had to learn how to walk again and all this and that."

Frazier reports that even before she took the stage Sunday, Smith was openly sharing her personal struggle with painkillers, an addiction that led to a difficult rehab.

How tough was that for her?

"Horrible, horrible, horrible," she said, "because I couldn't walk. I had to rehabilitate myself. And then they took the nurse away, so there I was crawling -- crawling to the bathroom and stuff."

She says her addiction began during the contentious legal battle over the estate of her husband, J. Howard Marshall. She believes painkillers only added to her depression. But her withdrawal led to severe panic attacks and even seizures.

"You just, like, leave your body," she replied. "It's, like, unexplainable. It's like -- like one time I went to the park, my friend took me to the park, and I thought I was walking on stilts."

As the face and the body of the Trim Spa diet plan, Smith has dropped nearly 70 pounds. Is there any concern with taking the diet pills, as it relates to her health?

"No, no," said the model. "I do take two pills a day, to maintain."

But as she called attention to her body at the awards show, many wondered what exactly was on her mind.

Co-anchor Syler posed the following question to Frazier: "You saw her before, during, and after the awards ceremony. What was your impression? Did you feel like she was lucid in that interview? And then, how do you explain her behavior on stage?"

Frazier's reply: "I'll be honest with you. Something is going on. But, at the same time, I wonder… Is she crazy like a fox? Because is there any better self-promotion?

"But there is definitely something wrong with Anna," he continued. "We talked about several subjects during our interview... I'll be honest with you: There were points where it made me a little nervous and uncomfortable."

The complete interview is being broadcast tonight (Nov. 16) on "Entertainment Tonight."