What's up with all the "S***" people say? Twitter and YouTube's cultural phenomenon


(CBS) - For most adults, the thought of moving back in with our parents at 29 is daunting, but for comedy writer Justin Halpern, creator of the Twitter feed, "Sh*t My Dad Says," he turned his situation into a viral success that led to a book deal and a sitcom on CBS.

All thanks to his 74-year old father's snarky comments that can either leave you in stitches or in disbelief!

While not all tweeple generate almost 3 million followers, make the New York Times Best Sellers list or win People's Choice for Best New Comedy, starring William Shatner, other tweeple are following in Halpern's cyber-footsteps, well sort of...

"Sh*t My Dad Says," has opened the door to other hysterical spin-offs on Twitter and YouTube, including "S*** Single Girls Say" to "Sh** Brides Say."

Actress Juliette Lewis stars in "S*** Girls Say" Episode 1, created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard. Lewis and her "BFF" enthusiastically say "Twinsies" when they realize they have matching bracelets. She then goes on to say: "First of all eww...," and "I mean get it together! I am not even joking right now."

The Knot's version of "Sh** Brides Say," features one-liners like: "Don't worry you will find someone." I want to be swallowed by ruffles." "Do I have back fat?"

The "Sh** Girls Say" videos are anything but PC, but they are sure to make you laugh - and most importantly laugh at ourselves.

Check out more videos below - and be honest with yourself, have you ever asked your BFF, "Does my butt look fierce in these jeans?"

Some of the more controversial versions of the meme include race-based commentary, like in "Sh** White Girls Say...to Black Girls," "Sh** Asian Girls Say" and "Sh** Spanish Girls Say."

Lest we forget to offend anyone, there's also "Sh** Gay Guys Say" and "Sh** Girls Say to Gay Guys."

"Sh** Nobody Says" is probably the most hilarious collection of things we would never say.