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What's Next for Michael Steele and the RNC?

Since Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele made inflammatory comments about the war in Afghanistan last week, several prominent Republicans have called for his resignation. Yet despite the pressure, CBS News Chief Political Consultant Marc Ambinder said on "Washington Unplugged" today that removing the free-speaking chairman is unlikely.

"Well look, he's more like steel wool to Republicans," Ambinder said. "[He's] really, really chaffing their hide [and] unfortunately, to continue the metaphor, they can't take off the pants. They can't get rid of him. It takes 2/3 of the Republican National Committee, 168 members, to meet and vote him out of office."

He added that the condition Steele left the party would also effectively deter anyone from wanting the job.

"In talking with members of the committee I just don't get the sense that even if they could drum him out of office they don't know who would replace him," Ambider said. "There's no one who really wants the job now because quite frankly, he's left the RNC in such poor shape."

He explained Steele's failure to effectively raise funds for the various campaign committees and provide them with election services like voter targeting software has left the Republicans "a party in name only..."

Ambinder added: "This is worrying a lot of Republicans because what this means is as good as Republicans can theoretically do in the midterms, and if you look at the environment they're going to do pretty well, they could probably do better if Steele were doing his job better. And that's really what angers them."

You can watch the full interview during Wednesday's "Washington Unplugged" above. Or watch the whole show here which includes an interview with Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona, who opposes the administration's lawsuit against her state's new controversial immigration law.

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