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What Was Andy 1995?

Here's the latest installment in our continuing series, "What Was Andy Thinking?," in which we bring you a year's worth of Andy Rooney commentary topics. This time around, the year is 1995, the year of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the passing of most of the Contract With America, the O.J. acquittal, and the Million Man March. Andy, per usual, took on some topics that made headlines and some that didn't. In the latter category are commentaries on able-bodied drivers using parking spaces set aside for the handicapped, bank machines not giving you money in the denominations you want, and products labeled "lemon" that don't actually contain any lemon. The full list of commentary topics is below. (OAD means original air date.)

01/01/95: "Democrats vs. Republicans" - analyzing the differences between the two major parties

01/08/95: "Cold Remedies" - what people take for colds

01/15/95: "Birthdays" - how Andy feels about getting older

01/22/95: "Forgotten Fans of Football" - what football fans really want

02/05/95: "Postal Rates" - the price of stamps has gone up

02/12/95: "The Jury System" - what's wrong with our jury system

02/19/95: "Disclaimers" - reading the small print in ads

02/26/95: "Capital Punishment" - the death penalty is uncivilized

03/05/95: "Money and Talk Shows" - why can't bank machines give you money in the denominations you want; topics on talk shows

03/12/95: "Old Farmer's Almanac" - weather predictions

03/19/95: "Sincerely" - using words like "dear" and "sincerely" when writing to strangers

03/26/95: "Academy Awards" - what Andy thinks about the Oscars

04/02/95: "Diaries" - organizing information for a tax return

04/09/95: "Barns" - barns are disappearing

04/16/95: "Gifts - 1995" - things people have sent Andy

04/23/95: "Apocalypse" - Andy reacts to events in Oklahoma City

04/30/95: "Balanced Budget Amendment" - we have to do something about the national debt

05/07/95: "Movies" - are movies a mirror of our culture or is our culture a mirror of our movies?

05/14/95: "The English Language" - if you chose to live in the U.S. you should learn to speak English

05/21/95: "Speech" - Andy's speech at the National Press Club

05/28/95: "The Intelligence of Dogs" - rating the intelligence of different breeds of dogs (OAD: 10/30/94)

06/04/95: "Two of Everything" - why people have more than one of any item (cars, television sets) (OAD: 12/18/94)

06/11/95: "Cold-A-Thon" - cold remedies (OAD: 11/22/92)

06/18/95: "Bills" - bills we receive from various companies (credit cards, cable television) (OAD: 12/22/91)

06/25/95: "Horns" - judging the cost of a car by the sound of its horn and the noise the door makes when you slam it (OAD: 10/02/94)

07/02/95: "Caps" - fashion in men's hats (OAD: 12/27/92)

07/16/95: "Repairs" - there should be a room in every house for things that don't work (OAD: 03/13/94)

08/13/95: "Cords and Converters" - electrical cords, converters and adapters people keep in their homes (OAD: 04/04/93)

08/27/95: "Hair Styles" - Andy's hairdo (OAD: 05/23/93)

09/03/95: "Handwriting" - people with poor handwriting (OAD: 4/28/91)

09/17/95: "News Items" - what happened over the summer

09/24/95: "Advertising" - the picture on the box has nothing to do with the product

10/01/95: "Safety" - some states have raised speed limits

10/08/95: "Reward" - Andy offers a one million dollar reward to the person who identifies the killer of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman

10/15/95: "O.J. Again" - Andy conducts an imaginary interview with O.J. Simpson

10/22/95: "Doctors" - medical check-ups

10/29/95: "Irish" - Andy wants to be considered an Irish-American minority

11/05/95: "Charles Kuralt" - interview with Charles Kuralt

11/12/95: "Reward Reaction" - response to "Reward" (10/08/95)

11/19/95: "Smoke Gets In The Eyes" - Andy thinks that big business is more dangerous than Government

11/26/95: "Handicapped Parking" - able-bodied drivers using parking spaces set aside for the handicapped

12/03/95: "Type A and Type B" - the differences between Type A and Type B personalities

12/10/95: "Lemon" - products labeled "lemon" that don't actually contain any lemon (e.g. dishwashing detergent, jello)

12/17/95: "Andy and the President" - what Andy would have asked President Clinton

12/31/95: "Remarkable Men" - Andy talks to a union man and a car salesman

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