What to watch for in CBS News' Republican presidential debate

CBS News and National Journal hosted the first Republican presidential primary debate on broadcast television on Nov. 12. Candidates answered questions on topics that ranged from foreign policy and national security.

CBS News Investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson was joined Friday by the National Journal's Managing Editor Jamie Tarabay for a preview of Saturday's CBS News-National Journal debate.

Saturday's debate will specifically focus on foreign policy and national security. The first debate where candidates will have the chance to show voters how they will react as the potential Commander in Chief.

"It's a completely different stratosphere. It's one the rest of the world will also be watching, because ... domestic issues don't really rate internationally but the rest of the world wants to hear what these candidates have to say about things like Pakistan," Tarabay said.

Watch the full discussion at left to find out what to watch out for on Saturday night. Can Texas Gov. Rick Perry come back from his "oops" moment? Is Saturday Newt Gingrich's moment to shine? And what do the rest of the candidates need to do to make a strong showing?

If you have your own questions on national security and foreign policy for the candidates, we invite you submit them here for possible use in the debate.