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Wells Fargo CEO's exit prompts Twitter tirade by Elizabeth Warren

10/14: MoneyWatch

If John Stumpf wondered what Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of his biggest critics on Capitol Hill, thought about his resignation on Wednesday evening, he didn’t have to wait long.

Within hours of Wells Fargo’s announcement that its chairman and CEO was stepping down, effective immediately -- and reportedly with a $134 million exit package, Warren made her feelings clear in a rapid series of tweets. 

The 63-year-old Stumpf, the Massachusetts Democrat believes, is still getting off easy with his forced retirement in the wake of the cross-selling scandal in which as many as 2 million customer accounts were opened without authorization.

Last month during a Congressional hearing, the senator accused Strumpf of “gutless leadership” and told him he should resign, give back the millions he earned during the fraud and face a criminal investigation. On Wednesday, Warren said “he’s one for three.”

And in case anyone is not clear on how Warren’s views the situation, there’s this: 

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