Weekend Music Round-Up: A little bit strange edition

MGMT Album Trailer from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

(CBS News) Hello, and welcome to the first official "post-summer" Weekend Music Round-Up. We here at The Feed don't like labels, so as far as we're concerned, we're still in the middle of summer. Labor Day, Schmabor Day. You feel me? Getting to the point, we'll begin this week's round-up with MGMT's cinematic trailer for its upcoming self-titled album set to be released on Sept. 17. This video is pretty strange, but in the best way possible, just like the band.

It's like a mini sci-fi movie, complete with a blood-thirsty possum, the spying eyes of the NSA, alien technology and beings they call reptoids(?). And while you don't hear entire songs, this six-minute preview will definitely get you excited for the album and will leave you wanting more.

Next up, is another wild animal trippy video by Norwegian band Ylvis, titled "The Fox." If you ever wanted to know what sounds various animals make, then definitely check out this video. It's pretty amazing. And what the fox says is the best of them all. This video is artistically and musically awesome. And it's a blast, perfect to get you ready for some weekend fun.

YouTube fun-guy Max "Smooth McGroove" Gleason created a multitrack a capella cover of the "Theme A" song from the video game Tetris, and it's really pretty amazing and beautiful. Warning, watching this video may make you want to break out your old Tetris game. The whole time I was watching this clip, I was just thinking about how good a game it was. I literally may go download it on my computer when I get home. It has been years since I have played. So, enjoy playing Tetris this weekend! 'Til Monday!