Wearing White From Head To Toe

White is the new black this summer. In the Chic on a Shoestring segment on The Early Show, the editors at Elle magazine put together the best head-to-toe white looks. You don't have to empty your bank account to look spectacular.

The magazine's Abigale Greenberg Levinson puts The Early Show to the test with her favorite looks in white.

Look No. 1: Dresses

Michael Kors white dress, $1,495
Valentino woven handbag, $515
Miss Trish, brown sandals, $380
Grand Total: $2,390

Pan American Phoenix dress, $255
Helen Kaminski woven bag, $350
J. Crew green sandals, $168
Grand Total: $773

Why such a big price gap?
The expensive dress has more craftsmanship and tailoring. It is also made in a more fashionable length and style. The expensive bag features a fabulous croc trim.

Greenberg points out that the less expensive dress comes from a store in New York City that specializes in pieces from Mexico. It's always a great idea to go to stores that specialize in authentic pieces from other countries, often beautiful, special pieces that are a fraction of the cost.

Look No. 2: Tank Top and Long Skirt

Margaret Loves Peter Skirt, $228
French Sole Ballet Flats, $125
Alice and Olivia Tank, $143
Grand Total: $496

Ralph Lauren skirt, $6,000
Ralph Lauren tank top with beads, $798
Hollywould silver ballet flats, $195
Grand Total: $6,993

Why such a big price difference?
On the skirt, the Ralph Lauren is much more intricate with layers of fabric, and it's really a special piece. You're paying for the workmanship. The tank from Ralph Lauren is more delicate, though more subtle. It is covered in tiny bugle beads.

Look No. 3: Linen Suits

Chloe suit, $1165
Escada beaded clutch, $980
Stuart Weitzman gold sandals, $300
Grand Total: $2,445

Banana Republic suit, $318
Buba embroidered clutch, $450
Banana Republic gold sandals, $118
Grand Total: $886

Why such a big price gap?
The splurge suit features a higher quality fabric, better design and tailoring. The Escada clutch has more elaborate beading and lizard trim.